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Choosing between the face muds

Choosing between the Face Muds can be daunting (so many colors! so many ingredients!) Let’s break down the differences between them so you can figure out which ones are best for the unique needs of your own skin. 

First, it’s actually fine to choose a one of our Muds based on a color preference!  The Muds are all formulated to balance and repair. None of them will strip away the skin’s protective layer. That could lead to a problem like an overproduction of sebum and acne or dry flaky skin and inflammation. 

Because our Muds all balance, soothe, and repair skin any one of them would be fine to use on virtually any type of skin. None of them are overly drying and they are all balanced with ingredients that are both toning and hydrating. 

That said, there are some differences between the formulas. 

The Pink and Blue Muds are both a little more drying, toning, and pore-minimizing because they contain clay. The Black and Green Muds are a little more moisturizing and have a thinner consistency because of the coconut milk. 

The honey and hibiscus in the Pink Mud make it especially effective at encouraging skin cell turnover.

The matcha and coconut milk in the Green Mud are particularly useful if your face has been inflamed and feeling red and warm.

Again, the Muds are all formulated to balance and repair most skin types so really, go with whichever one you are most drawn to. This chart can help you decide.

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