herbalist-crafted body care

I formulate my products with care and intention, slowly making each batch by hand. I grow or wildcraft many of the herbs myself. What I do buy is often sourced locally and always grown without chemicals.

The body oils are infused in organic, cold-pressed oil from midwest sunflowers and the honey and beeswax are from a local family-owned farm.

In an effort to give Mama Earth a little relief I use essential oils very sparingly and purposefully in only four offerings. My products are packaged in reusable glass and orders go out wrapped with recyclable or repurposed materials.

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client-centered herbal coaching

I offer herbal coaching packages shaped by your unique interests and needs.

Learn how working with herbs can help you feel empowered, grounded, and full of vitality.

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about Anikó

I'm a folk herbalist and teacher. My work is rooted in earth-based practices and is inspired by stories of the old village herbalists like my great aunt Izus in Hungary.

I've been working with the plants for over a decade and before that I was in education. For the last eight years I've been teaching workshops on herbal folkways, medicine making, and personal ritual. I also make herbal products as a way to excite others' curiosity about herbalism and the natural world. Coaching clients to help them find balance and vitality is a natural extension of this work.

Lately I've been distilling hydrosols, studying herbal energetics, researching Hungarian folk medicine, dyeing with botanicals, and learning how plants can help integrate grief and trauma. I draw from all I'm curious about to seed the ever-expanding Patreon.

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