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Herbal Coaching

I’m finally ready to formally take on clients after teaching workshops and occasionally working one on one with students since 2016.

I've taken on 5 practice clients for fall as I hone my process as an herbal coach. I will fully launch in the spring.

My books for fall are full! Send an email to if you want to be on the waitlist. You'll be the first to know if a spot opens up. 

Unsure if Herbal Coaching is for you? Sign up for a free introductory call.

I’ve been working with herbs since 2012. I spent three of the last 11 years closely studying under talented herbalists, most recently jim mcdonald. My approach and understanding is also informed by learning in person from other herbalists-- 7Song, Rosemary Gladster, Margi Flint, Althea Northage-Orr, Erika Galentin, Kat Maier, Guido Masé, Dawn Combs, and Paul Strauss, among others.

I am not a healthcare practitioner. I'm a teaching herbalist, an herbal educator. I have a background in education and a masters degree in the Science of Teaching. In the years since I left formal education I've taught over a hundred workshops on dozens of herbal topics for a variety of audiences. But what I love most is working one on one with a student.

As your coach I will help you clarify your concerns and teach you about the herbal and lifestyle shifts that would be best for your unique constitution and concerns. I'm like a really good private tutor, not a nurse.

Learn more with no commitment.

I'm working out the kinks as I build my coaching practice so the cost of working with me this fall is significantly lower than it will be when I fully open my books in 2024.

The cost for an introductory 20 minute video call, a 90 minute consultation, several hours of research on my end, a detailed protocol emailed to you after our session, and availability for several follow up emails is $80. 

We will start with a free 20 minute call. You can explain what is going on for you and ask me any questions about the process. There’s no pressure to commit to working with me at this time. 

After you fill out a questionaire we will book a 90 minute session.

By default these sessions will be over video. If you live in Central Ohio and would like to meet in person, let me know that when you book a time on my calendar. At our session you will have a wealth of time to talk through your concerns. We’ll work together to clarify them and I’ll end by discussing different herbal and lifestyle approaches for achieving balance in your body. 

After we meet I’ll send you a summary of our conversation and a detailed suggested protocol. Over the next couple of months you’ll have access to me through email– you can ask questions, update me on your progress, whatever feels relevant and necessary for you on your journey.

Sign up for a free call here. Send me a note if these times don't work.
  • Michelle

    "Trusting your body with another person is a vulnerable thing. As a fat person with many physical things classified as syndromes, I am never sure where a conversation with someone about my body will go.

    From the moment I met Anikó, I was impressed with the specificity and intention of her knowledge. The amount of time and care Anikó put into working with me has been evident throughout the process.

     I left my appointment with her not only with a list of helpful tools but also feeling deeply seen and understood. I had the sense that Anikó was not just trying to complete a task but deeply cared about respecting the person who was in front of her.

    I continue to have the sense that Anikó believes me and trusts me with my body. A few months out from meeting with Anikó herbal tinctures are a part of my everyday life and I have had significant improvements. I am incredibly grateful for Anikó's time, energy, and curiosity."

  • Rachel

    "I trust Anikó's wisdom. She's given me space to investigate how my body is directly affected by herbs.

    For a long time, I was skeptical of people who relied on herbs for a large part of their health care, but she's given me a lived understanding that the power of plants is simple and transformational. She's given me direction that has made me feel more confident as a mother. More whole as a woman.

    I trust her suggestions because she's also very firm in her limitations. If something is beyond her scope, she's quick to point me in a good direction more specific to my needs. She's someone who will only tell you what she knows to be solid. And thankfully, she knows so much about plants and their properties and how to best prepare them.

    Anikó's questions help me feel seen and guided, without judgement.

    Her advice is clear and direct and points me towards listening to my body. Anikó has walked me down a path of better understanding the natural processes of the human body and how herbs can facilitate health in a way that feels empowering and connected to the earth."

  • Annie

    "I was fortunate to work with Aniko during a time of my life where I was feeling disembodied and disconnected from the natural world. Her wisdom helped lead me back into deeper connection with my body, and through gentle and steady guidance, she offered me tools to integrate what I’d learned from her outside of our sessions. Her depth of knowledge is cultivated from her study of herbal medicine as a means of healing her own body, a strong connection to her ancestry, and deep appreciation and respect for the plants she works with.

    Over the course of our time together, I was struck and deeply touched by her capacity to question and reflect accurately and without judgment. She listened to my needs attentively, positing spacious questions so we could devise together the most beneficial path forward to healing. Her approach is equanimous and respectful of her clients’ individual needs. I felt deeply seen, heard, and respected by her in all of our sessions. I leave her coaching with a greater sense of self and a more empowered relationship with the earth as a loving and healing relative."