work with Anikó

Herbal Coaching

Through herbal coaching, I guide sensitive and curious individuals to connect with the right plants and practices. I facilitate a journey to help my clients recover something precious they may feel has been lost.

Are you navigating through life's fog, seeking vitality, or yearning for more ritual, connection, and meaning?

Whether you have specific health concerns, are diving deeper into herbal practices, or simply wish to slow down and reconnect with nature, herbal coaching offers a path.

Set up a 20 minute Introductory Call

The process begins with a complimentary 20-minute video call—an opportunity for you to share your goals, ask questions, and explore the process without commitment.

After this call and a brief intake form, you'll book your initial session, where we'll delve into your interests and craft a personalized learning experience. Following each session, receive a comprehensive email summary to aid your continued growth.

At our sessions you will have a wealth of time to talk through what you would like to learn about.

Get started here.

As your herbal coach I draw from my background in education, both a Masters in Teaching and years of experience in traditional classrooms.

Each session is carefully tailored to your needs, leveraging my knowledge of herbalism gained through a decade of personal study, a two-year apprenticeship, and a one-year intensive with herbalist jim mcdonald. Please note, I am a teaching herbalist, not a healthcare practitioner, and all guidance is for educational purposes.

  • Michelle

    "Trusting your body with another person is a vulnerable thing. As a fat person with many physical things classified as syndromes, I am never sure where a conversation with someone about my body will go.

    From the moment I met Anikó, I was impressed with the specificity and intention of her knowledge. The amount of time and care Anikó put into working with me has been evident throughout the process.

     I left my appointment with her not only with a list of helpful tools but also feeling deeply seen and understood. I had the sense that Anikó was not just trying to complete a task but deeply cared about respecting the person who was in front of her.

    I continue to have the sense that Anikó believes me and trusts me with my body. A few months out from meeting with Anikó herbal tinctures are a part of my everyday life and I have had significant improvements. I am incredibly grateful for Anikó's time, energy, and curiosity."

  • Annie

    "I was fortunate to work with Aniko during a time of my life where I was feeling disembodied and disconnected from the natural world. Her wisdom helped lead me back into deeper connection with my body, and through gentle and steady guidance, she offered me tools to integrate what I’d learned from her outside of our sessions. Her depth of knowledge is cultivated from her study of herbal medicine as a means of healing her own body, a strong connection to her ancestry, and deep appreciation and respect for the plants she works with.

    Over the course of our time together, I was struck and deeply touched by her capacity to question and reflect accurately and without judgment. She listened to my needs attentively, positing spacious questions so we could devise together the most beneficial path forward to healing. Her approach is equanimous and respectful of her clients’ individual needs. I felt deeply seen, heard, and respected by her in all of our sessions. I leave her coaching with a greater sense of self and a more empowered relationship with the earth as a loving and healing relative."

  • Rachel

    "I trust Anikó's wisdom. She's given me space to investigate how my body is directly affected by herbs.

    For a long time, I was skeptical of people who relied on herbs for a large part of their health care, but she's given me a lived understanding that the power of plants is simple and transformational. She's given me direction that has made me feel more confident as a mother. More whole as a woman.

    I trust her suggestions because she's also very firm in her limitations. If something is beyond her scope, she's quick to point me in a good direction more specific to my needs. She's someone who will only tell you what she knows to be solid. And thankfully, she knows so much about plants and their properties and how to best prepare them.

    Anikó's questions help me feel seen and guided, without judgement.

    Her advice is clear and direct and points me towards listening to my body. Anikó has walked me down a path of better understanding the natural processes of the human body and how herbs can facilitate health in a way that feels empowering and connected to the earth."

  • Meg

    "Working with Anikó is a profound experience. She holds space for your voice to be heard, for you to be seen as you (not evaluated as a body), and it is a particular type of experience in which intuition guides her practice.

    Anikó listened as I shared, asking questions as we went along, and even revising her suggestions for me as more information came to light. Her intuitive guidance is a delight! It is clear that Anikó knows her herbs as revisions and thought processes were in the moment, as if she knew what I needed all along. It felt intuitive to work with Anikó in that the work flowed between us as two people sharing and thinking together, not unidirectionally from one person to the other.

     Anikó trusts that I know my body and what I am feeling and never once did she display anything other than belief in my perception of myself and my body. What a rare treat to feel empowered as knowledgeable about your body when typically met with disbelief when seeking help.

    Working with Anikó also provided me with manageable options for me to choose from, adjust, and even choose to put on hold for now. Her wisdom made me feel empowered to approach herbs and Anikó is so approachable, her personality is lovely. It felt natural, comfortable, and even familiar despite my lack of knowledge regarding herbs."

  • One Session


    One 90 minute session is ideal for the curious mind eager to explore a single or narrowed herbalism topic.

    Uncover insights in a single 90-minute session with a detailed follow-up email to enrich your knowledge.

    Best for someone who does not need any follow up.

  • Three Session Package


    One initial 90 minute session, and two 60 minute follow ups, plus 3 detailed follow up emails.


    This is a deep dive. The two follow up sessions take place at strategically spaced 2- 6 week intervals. This is where I can really work as your coach.

    You will receive comprehensive guidance during these follow ups, ensuring real-world application and lasting change. Real change starts to happen here.

    Payment plans are available.

  • Six Session Package


    One initial 90 minute session, and five 60 minute follow ups, plus six detailed follow up emails.


    Cultivate lasting change through five 60-minute follow-up sessions, strategically scheduled every 2-6 weeks.

    Enjoy ongoing support and detailed follow-up emails, making this package perfect for those seeking deep, long-term lifestyle shifts.

    Payment plans are available.

For The Children by Gary Snyder

The rising hills, the slopes,
of statistics
lie before us.
the steep climb
of everything, going up,
up, as we all
go down.

In the next century
or the one beyond that,
they say,
are valleys, pastures,
we can meet there in peace
if we make it.

To climb these coming crests
one word to you, to
you and your children:

stay together
learn the flowers
go light