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Wild Origins

Face Wash

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A powdered face wash that will leave any skin type clear and super soft. It’s a mostly edible blend (other than the clay) that’s prevents breakouts and maintains healthy skin. It's effective, yes, but also incredibly gentle, perfect for sensitive skin.

Oats are soothing and moistening. The clay draws away impurities and excess oil. The herb blend soothes and repairs.

To use, simply mix a small amount with a tiny bit of water and massage onto your face. Rinse as usual.

The wash does not have much grit to it. It is not meant to be physically exfoliating, which can be slightly damaging for the skin. 

If you wear a lot of makeup and the wash alone is not enough to remove it all, use a little face oil to wipe away the makeup first. 


kaolin clay, ground organic oats, ground calendula, comfrey, rose

The plants are either certified organic, ethically wildcrafted by me, or homegrown with love and without chemicals.

Shipping & Returns

returns cannot be accepted due to the small size of my operation and the nature of my products. Read the ingredients and test the product on a small patch of skin first. That said, if you are unhappy, let me know and I will try my best to help.

Product Size

1 oz / 29 ml glass jar with metal lid

Care Instructions

keep jar away from direct sunlight and heat

Why make the switch?

Conventional cleansers strip our skin which messes with our bodies’ production of sebum, often making us either dry and flaky or surprisingly greasy.

This blend gently and effectively cleans the skin but leaves it balanced: incredibly clean and soft.

  • The Routine

    Everyone is different but the face wash is gentle enough to use daily. The face oils can be mixed and matched for your needs to use every evening and morning. The face muds probably don't need to be used more than once or twice a week.

  • But does it actually work?

    Of course! This was one of the first products we started making and it has been a fan favorite from the start.